At BlueSky, we're reshaping real estate with a simple question:
"What would I want from my agent if I were selling my home?"

The answer is always commitment, communication, support, experience, and honesty. As an innovative agency with a solid track record, we embody these qualities.


With BlueSky, vendors receive:
  • Competitive Rates with one of Canterbury's best commissions
  • Free $1400 Premium Marketing Package – no upfront costs! Includes Trademe Gold, professional photos, signage, social media, software support and more
  • Expert Sales Team with over 40 years of experience and significant sales success

We challenge the norm with 'Why not Bluesky'.  If selling is on your mind, contact us for a free market appraisal and advice.


Other Benefits
  • Refer a friend for a $250 prezzy card on completed sale.
  • Embracing sustainability, we're proud to now be 95% paperless.

At BlueSky, the question is never "why" but "why not?" Join us in redefining real estate, where transparency, value, and sustainability lead the way.

If you are seriously considering selling your property, the time is now. There are plenty of buyers out there looking to purchase. Please contact us to book a no-obligation appraisal and chat.


The Bluesky Commitment

 BlueSky's approach ensures vendors face no expenses, offering some of Canterbury's most competitive rates.

Contact us for a free market appraisal and advice.

* The admin fee applies only on completed sales.
* A 90-day listing applies, some property categories may be excluded.