Our Commission

The BlueSky difference

How can you be sure we’re truly dedicated to getting you the best price and fastest result?

Why commit to a commission fee before you know the outcome?

At Blue Sky, answering these questions is what makes us so very different. We’ve adopted a performance-driven commission scale that’s based on our meeting or exceeding your expectations. YOU decide how much commission we should get. Our rates are ridiculously fair, ranging from just 1.75% to 2.75%. And because we’re a boutique agency, we have the freedom to focus on relationships rather than volume. It’s real estate – better together.

How it works

Open, honest communication and a totally transparent process are at the heart of everything we do so the first step is to agree on sale goals together, upfront; things like a price and timeframe.

Once your expectation is set, we go out of our way to exceed it. We’ll use our extensive industry experience and cutting-edge resources to expose your home to the widest pool of prospective purchasers possible, all the while keeping you informed about our progress.

Upon selling the property, you decide how well we’ve performed and therefore how much commission you’ll pay.

In simple terms, you get more in your pocket and we work harder for what goes in ours.

The Bluesky Comparison

1.75% - SOLD and you’re satisfied with our service, price and result.

2.25% - SOLD and you’re happy with our service, price and result.

2.75% - SOLD and you’re very happy with our service, price and result.

Only with BlueSky will you experience real partnership to get the best price because you get to decide what we earn based on our performance. It’s unlike anything else you’ll find in New Zealand and we think you’ll agree it’s a fair and collaborative approach to real estate.