Our Commission

No Risk – When You List

At BlueSky, we're reshaping real estate with a simple question: "What would I want from my agent if I were selling my home?"

The answer is always commitment, communication, support, experience, and honesty. As an innovative agency with a solid track record, we embody these qualities.

Yet, one issue stood out — cost. With Canterbury's house values soaring post-2021, the industry's unchanged commission rates and high marketing fees seemed unjust.

This led us to question the status quo and introduce:

The BlueSky Commitment

 BlueSky's approach ensures vendors face no expenses, offering some of Canterbury's most competitive rates.

If selling is on your mind, contact us for a free market appraisal and advice.

* The admin fee applies only on completed sales.
* A 90-day listing applies, some property categories may be excluded.