Buying a home = building a team.

Posted on 1 May 2014 at 10:00 am

How you approach buying a home depends on your experience.
Is it your 1st home or is it your 20th?
Are you looking for an investment or a renovator?
Perhaps a “trade and flick” or a family home where the kids can grow up?

Regardless of the intention, my advice is to build a GREAT team!

So before you start trawling through websites and open homes, dealing with agents and putting in offers, get the team sorted FIRST!
Build a GREAT team; get a GREAT result.

Depending on your buying goals you may need some or all of the following professionals as team members.

• A good lawyer.
• A good mortgage broker or bank manager.
• A good registered valuer.
• A good accountant.
• A good agent or property advisor. (The more independent, the better.)
• A good builder or building inspector.
• A good property or rental manager.

Build the required relationships. Let your prospective team members know who you are and what you wish to achieve.
With your team in place, when you find that dream home or investment, you are not scrambling, losing time and potentially missing the purchase.

Perfect opportunities don't hang around forever. You NEED to be prepared.
Be the smartest purchaser by assembling the smartest team!

I've worked hard over my years of buying and selling to have built a GREAT team. With a few phone calls, I can get a property purchase underway, check for any potential issues, obtain finance and put the ownership into the best structure for my future.
Moral: Great team = great result. Start assembling yours!