Real Estate is a much maligned industry in New Zealand.

Posted on 28 April 2014 at 10:00 am

The media love to talk the market up, the media love to talk the market down. I guess that keeps them busy. Even the smallest movement in interest rates becomes headline news – even if the financial impact is less than a couple of coffees in the weekly budget.
Periodically, I will be blogging insights into some of the mysteries surrounding Real Estate in New Zealand. I’ll cover topics such as: buying/selling property, the property market and throw in occasional rants or articles of interest that relate to the industry. Comments will often be from the heart, a little “non-PC” and, hopefully, far removed from the common real estate spin surrounding our industry.

This will NOT be a “how-to of property”. Nor is ANY material to be taken as professional advice. Any comments should NOT form the basis of any action surrounding the buying or selling of property. Comments are opinion only. I hope that’s clear!

My Real Estate journey started in 1998. I established BlueSky in 2007 at the age of 31. I hold a Bachelor of Commerce degree, specialising in Valuation and Property Management. I have direct experience in property trading and long term rental investing. I have been involved in many other aspects of property and I still learn more every week.

My passion is selling property, embracing innovation and challenging the negative perceptions surrounding the New Zealand Real Estate industry.

Enjoy the blog!